Remembering Michael Jackson

One year since the passing of the one and only King of Pop, Michael Jackson. There is simply no way he can be duplicated and will live on as a definitive icon. There comes a point in everyone’s life when we would attempt a Michael Jackson dance move. Either you’re dancing along to ‘Thriller’ or singing your hearts out to ‘Heal The World’, there’s a little Michael Jackson in all of us. His legacy will forever live in us all. To celebrate his spirit, we got a couple of our friends to tell us what MJ means to them and their favourite MJ moment.

Bo aka Mr. Fluff (one half of Cosmicspacemunkys + JUICE DJ Quest 2009 finalist)
“My favourite MJ moment has got to be Motown 25: Yesterday, Today & Forever performance. It was the first time the world was introduced to the Moonwalk! Still gives me goose bumps every time I watch the video!”

Moots (Pop Shuvit member + DJ)
“MJ was the embodiment of greatness! A true legend. I’m not ashamed to say it, but when we played ‘Man in the Mirror’ on a year ago, I shed a tear. I will always remember my first concert experience was catching MJ on his 1993 Dangerous Tour in Singapore. That was a defining moment when I knew I wanted to be on stage performing to thousands just like him! No one will ever come close to the greatest performer that ever lived- Micheal Jackson!”

Vandal (rapper and The Movemint founder)
“I went shopping for a ‘Thriller’ jacket and found a cheap knock-off with the zippers and red faux leather. I was into breakdancing back then and what I really remember most aside from practicing the Moonwalk was watching “the-making-of” the ‘Thriller’ short film as it was the first of its kind.”

Altimet (rapper)
“My favourite MJ moment is probably ‘Bad’ premiering on national TV. It was a huge event and everyone in my family looked forward to it. It showed how global Michael Jackson was at that point. It was after the 8pm news- it was that big. What MJ means to me? Put it this way, my first 3 cassettes I ever owned were MJ’s. And my favourite MJ song is ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’, hands down.”

Kraft (rapper)
“All walks of life know Michael Jackson. Everyone’s been a Michael Jackson fan. I was 10 years old when I heard about Michael Jackson. That was it. I tried to get my hands on his discography after that. I’m not sure if Michael Jackson sold the Moonwalk or the Moonwalk sold Michael Jackson but one thing is for sure- people would pay to see Michael Jackson Moonwalk. Michael Jackson wasn’t a star. He was a galaxy. True superstardom. I was a young boy when I learned about Michael Jackson; I was a young man when the world lost Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson shocked the whole world with his unexpected death. The loss was heartfelt. I went through my Michael Jackson discography back to back for a moment. As I watched my all time favourite Michael Jackson moment which is Billie Jean Motown Special once again and I smiled as I read Yesterday, Tomorrow & Forever. Michael Jackson, indeed. Magic.”

Nas-T (actor + DJ)
“He has been on the limelight before I can even remember and the first song that captured my ear was ‘Bad’. It has become my favourite until today. Who’s Bad?!”

Chooee (Streething/Femmething)
“Michael Jackson has always been the King of Pop. I was thrilled when I first see the Moonwalk in the ‘Smooth Criminal’ music video. The Moonwalk looks physically impossible and yet we still try to replicate it till today. My favorite tune would be definitely ‘Heal The World’. It is such a classic and still touches people’s heart till today. Michael Jackson is definitely a legend to be remembered and the most important and influential performing artist of all times.”

Ethan Chu (Streething/Femmething)
“So many great moments. Good and bad. Like he turned up unexpectedly with Madonna at Academy Awards in 1991, dancing on top of his SUV after pleading not guilty to seven counts of child molestation outside the courtroom, when he held his baby just outside the window, whenever he performed his moonwalk… All these are moments that are both shocking yet intriguing for me. One thing I greatly admire about him is that, he’d use his status and music to create awareness as well as highlight today’s issues in our society and the work can be seen through his music videos like ‘Earth Song’, ‘Heal The World’, ‘Blank or White’… That shows his compassion towards humanity and the world that we are living in. My favorite song is ‘In the Closet’, simply because there’s a hot sexy supermodel and the King of Pop. Sexiest video ever made!”