Remembering Biggie

BIGGIE DAY! The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th!!! BIG for LIFE!!!! What’s you favorite biggie song? 8:33 AM Mar 9th from TwitterBerry

JUICE checked Twitter on a Sunday night to that from the Diddy man himself. 9 March 1997-2009. Twelve years – that’s how long The Notorious BIG has left us. Biggie left a legacy of some of the best hip hop classics such as ‘Big Poppa’, ‘Juicy’, ‘Hypnotize’ and one of JUICE‘s personal favourite, the DJ Premier-produced ‘Kick In The Door’.

Of course we’re sad to see a talent die so young, but can you also imagine how it would be if he was still alive? Will he be ‘keeping it real’? Will he still roll with P. Diddy? Will he go and drop a single with Timbaland or collaborate with Soulja Boy? Yikes. Bless his soul for now yeah?

Right about now, it’s a P. Twitty party in Twitterland. We’ll always love Big Poppa!

Check this classic last freestyle from Biggie on the Wake Up Show on 9 March 1997.


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