Relaunch @ Upstairs at The Loft

There are so many choices to be found on Asian Heritage Row. It’s a little like Bangkok’s RCA . A little. Friday night January 17 saw the relaunch of Upstairs at The Loft. The spot had recently had a nip and tuck and JUICE was invited to the big reveal last month.

No discernable difference from the outside or on the stairs, but JUICE did slip past the door without having to flask our business card. Word. The real change is that Upstairs has dusted the big circular island bar to make way for nests of table tops and chairs. The result is more space for party goers to maneuver, a smart move given that the place is typically packed out like fight night. Aside that the backdrop behind the DJ console has been edited, the bar has been downsized and we’re loving the disco balls hanging from the ceiling. So pwetty…

The relaunch party was hosted by Daryl B with Glynn Tandy on the decks turning it out for invitees who were throwing themselves at the free flow. Dancers struck up poses and shook their moneymakers around the club to the sound of the sax -DJ mash-up and providing more eye candy was the Key Ng fashion show which showcased wearable clothes from the future for women. Props.

Here at JUICE we love change, especially if it gives us another reason to party. The club still bears the same familiar vibe, so for those resistant to the new, don’t fret, just take it one step to make it Upstairs!

Upstairs @ The Loft Relaunch party was held on 17 January 2009. Upstairs is located at 28-40 Jalan Doraisamy, Asian Heritage Row, KL. Give them a buzz at 03 2691 5668 for reservations and check out them changes.

Check the pics out here.