What better way to spend the eve of Valentine’s than at an exhibition about the shift of power in both platonic and romantic relationships at this stage in life? Watching Bridget Jones while going through an entire tub of ice cream, of course. But if crying isn’t on one’s agenda, we wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, we’d suggest spending the night admiring an exhibition regarding such by seven curious artists of differing disciplines; Bono Stellar, Fong Shelhiel, Khing Chuah, Sophia Kamal, William Sim, Adam Kasturi, and Zulamran Hilmi — the last of which was the creative brain behind our dope anniversary teaser video last year, as well as the live visuals during the event. And that’s just a fraction of what he’s capable of — regarding the aforementioned subject.

Date Saturday 13 February ’16 – Saturday 16 April ’16
Time 6pm – 10pm (opening night)
Venue Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, Penang

More information on the event here.