Register as a True Malaysian Voter at Tom, Dick and Harry’s

This may sound cliché but if you truly want to make a difference, you should register as a voter. To vote is to fully utilize your rights as a citizen. Thankfully, this is exactly how some private entities and associations feel as well!

In anticipation for the upcoming general election, Tom, Dick and Harry’s in collaboration with Voice Your Choice is running a booth for the public and pub-goers alike to register as voters. If you still haven’t registered yet, now you really don’t have an excuse, especially if you’re a TDH kaki.

Voice Your Choice is a movement birthed from the organisation Growing Emerging Leaders, one of the first non-partisan NPOs to be awarded the title of Assistant Registrar by Election Commission Malaysia. They believe in your rights as a citizen to choose the government you want.

The registration booth will be opened on the 13 and 14 August at both Old Klang Road and TTDI branches of TDH. And because you’re such a handsome chap to support the movement, light refreshment will be served (no word if it’s booze or not).

Old Klang Road’s TDH registration booth will be opened on the 13 August, 3pm to 9pm. TTDI’s TDH booth will start accepting registration on the 14 August, 11am to 5pm.

When registration is made this easy and there’s added incentive (read: alcohol) to doing it, you have no reason not to vote. Voting should be, to borrow TDH’s mantra, ‘Mou Man Tai‘ to you now!

Tom, Dick, and Harry’s and JUICE are non-partisan and not linked to any political party. For more information on the registration, visit