Reggae Bar

Reggae Bar + Modern European Cuisine
31, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
T: 012 6618434

Reggae lifestyle with city convenience?
Reggae Bar has decided to spread its wings and has decided to follow the crowd to the ever so popular Changkat Bukit Bintang street but will the decision to go mainstream make it lose its appeal? Granted the new reggae bar lacks the charm that we’ve come to love from the one in Chinatown but all is not completely lost. Changkat is a fascinating area in itself so having Reggae Bar in this new location still gives its “I-am-in-Thailand” vibe – downstairs at least. With its dim lights and chilled out setting you can smoke shisha al fresco and watch people go by. Its huge Island Bar serves a variety of international and ‘Reggae’ cocktails, spirits, wines and various choices of local and imported beers. Upstairs on the other hand is different altogether as Reggae Bar boasts that it is the 1st and only smoke free restaurant on Changkat street – and its fine dining too, mind you so it’s a little more intimate and classy upstairs.

So will Reggae Bar be the underdog and outlast its neighbouring competitors? Only time will tell, but they’re past track records haven’t disappointed yet. The 1st Reggae bar has lasted 9 years and their Guesthouse winning awards, they must be doing something right. Reggae Bar has exciting events lined up for the next few months so stay tuned to JUICE.

Opening Hours 11am-3am

Happy hour Happy hour starts at 12pm til 10pm. Carlsberg draught goes for RM10 a mug and RM40 for jug. Various Martini flavours go for RM14 and their various Mojito flavours (the watermelon version was yummy) at RM15. All bottled beer prices start from RM12-RM16.

Drinks Attention beer lovers! Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Tetley’s go for RM19 nett.

Food Reggae Bar’s menu is eye – popping extensive with a signature dishes like the 1kg Marley Sirloin or tenderloin (RM240) for you meat lovers and the Reggae Pasta (RM90) that uses nothing but the freshest ingredients like Venus Clams. You should also look into their impressive seafood menu like the Alaskan King Crab Thermidore (RM168) and King Crab Veggae (RM350). Other dishes also include the usual fanfare like pizza and pasta. If you want to eat light though, the kitchen also serves tapas (RM6-RM18).

Music Reggae music rules downstairs while upstairs surprisingly plays a good dose of 90s trip hop and downtempo. Think Stereolab and Massive Attack. We even heard Aim’s ‘Cold Water Music’. Impressive. Things pick up after 11pm, the ground floor will make its way for rnb and hip hop and their in-house live band will start entertaining diners upstairs.

Crowd Wherever Reggae bar goes, tourists follow. Must be that Jamaican hospitality and charm.

Parking Cheapest and most convenient (and legal) place to park your car is if you do valet a few doors down.