Refugee Festival

The number of people holding discussions pertaining to refugees is growing significantly in many countries. At this festival, attendees will be able to see the world from the perspectives of refugees via photo exhibitions. There are a total of three happening throughout the weekend – one of particular interest is a collaborative project by KL Krash Pad and Yayasan Chow Kit whereby a 17-year-old Burmese refugee, Nur Aisyah Habibullah, explores her sense of belonging in a city whose people see her as an ‘other’. Then, there’s a screening of Friends of the Sea by the Geutanyoe Foundation, a documentation of the Acehnese fishermen aiding the Rohingya refugees. Forums regarding the future of refugee children and how they can create opportunities for themselves are also scheduled to take place during this weekend, as well a poetry slam cheekily titled Slamokrasi. In between all of the aforementioned activities, there will also be dancing and singing performances by Az Samad, students from the FUGEE school, Jes Ibrahim & Friends, and many more. Browse through the itinerary in its entirety here.

More information on the event here