Refugee Emojis by Doctors Without Borders

source: Refugee Emojis

The recent tragedy involving the Rohingya refugees was an event that was disheartening and harrowing to read about in the news, one can only imagine the suffering and the feelings of abandonment that they had to endure. Humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders revealed that “there are over 60 million people fleeing from conflict or persecution around the world.” So in an effort to gain donations, they’ve created a series of ‘refugee emojis‘ which feature 36 emojis that represent the real needs and supplies that are necessary to care for the decamped citizens of the world. 70% of every purchase of the emoji pack goes to Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without BordersHover your cursor over the items and you’ll see a short description of how essential these simple items are, for instance, “Belts are needed when clothing doesn’t come in the right size,” and “Toys like teddy bears help kids forget bad memories.” So go ahead, this is your way of doing good, you slacktivists. But please, don’t attempt to defile the tampon emoji by making a bad period joke, okay?

The Refugee Emojis are available at the Apple Store and Google Play Store for approximately RM8.