Reebok Bacon? Yep, You Read That Right

source: Reebok Bacon

No, it’s not a new line of shoes or apparel from Reebok, it’s really bacon, the edible kind. In line with their 2014 Reebok CrossFit games, the bacon will be sourced by U.S Wellness Meats and uncured with no nitrates, preservatives, sweeterners or monosodium glutamate. The bacon is  in line with the CrossFit athletes’ Paleo diet, whereby they are not allowed any processed food except for bacon (that’s definitely one reason to sign up for CrossFit). Although currently only available in the states where Reebok uses a food truck dubbed the Reebok Bacon Box — which appears at different places during different times of the day with special dishes such as bacon wrapped artichokes, bacon wrapped chorizo, and even bacon wrapped bacon — we are seriously crossing our fingers for it to come here! Perhaps then, we all might strive to work out. 

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