Red Wing x Eric Clapton 1999 Suede Boots: Layla’s Boots

source: Nicholas Chean

You will never be as cool as Eric Clapton. That is a fact. You can try but you won’t even come close. The only thing that might bring you closer to this celestial being’s existence is this pair of boots. Known for his fondness of the brand, the man himself and Red Wings decided to come up with this pair of boots together, bringing forth the Red Wing Clapton Classics. Featuring leather suede, hand-dyed uppers, dubbed with Sno-Seal and the all famous vibram soles, these babies might bring your level slightly closer towards Clapton. A collectible for those who are either fans of Mr. Slowhand himself or serious Red Wing fans, the rarity of this pair of footwear is legit. If you are a fan of neither, getting these boots would still be really cool. Built based on the guitarist’s ideas and preference, this pair sports many interesting details.

Aside from the notable stamp at the side that says Clapton Classics, the leather is rolled up, which is unique as most Red Wing round-toe boots are without the leather rolled-up. Also, the leather lining is interesting as the vamp of most Red Wing round-toe boots are canvas-lined but instead, Clapton would not have none of this and instilled his boots with leather lining instead. Turns out he’s a genius shoe designer as well! Another really interesting bit is that most Red Wing round toes are built on last No. 8 but these boots are apparently built on last No. 23, which essentially makes them Moc-toe boots. If you are not into boots, you will not understand the amount of excitement going through a boot-holic right now.

Fret not, time for some education. In the lasting process, an insole is fitted to the inside of the instep of the shoe, and a three-dimensional, shoe-like shape is created. The insole is the platform between the midsole and the foot bed. A powerful pull is applied to the leather to shape the boot, conforming to the contours of the mould. The instep is sewn onto the insole. Different boots would have different lasting shapes. Therefore, last No.8 and last no. 23, as well as others.

As rare as it is, JUICE has found a pair of these available for interested individuals. A pair of size 7.5 can be found at Undergroundstreet KL, a shop specialising in Red Wing boots and awesome selvedge jeans. Go ahead and check it out!

Priced at RM1280, this pair is available at Undergroundstreet, located at S033, 2nd Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. For enquiries, email them at [email protected].