Red Wing Heritage FW15

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Heritage is indubitably a strong aspect of Red Wing Shoes — a shoe company that began over 100 years ago with the ethos of making quality, durable work boots for hard American workers. The company has kept true to their promise of craftsmanship and attention to detail as they have not kowtowed to trends and fads. Made in the USA, the leather of these rugged boots are produced by the company as well, which allows them to control quality and ensure that the leather will age gracefully with time.

For Red Wing Shoes Heritage FW15 collection, the company has introduced three styles, namely the new Lineman Boots, The Huntsman 2015, and the Girard Boots. In conjunction with Red Wings’ 110th anniversary, they’ve released a limited edition ‘The Hunstman 2015’ with a few updated subtle differences in details, drawing inspiration from their specialised 10” hunting boots model #668. The boots are made with a combination of Gro-Cord outsole and Black Klondike leather, where the light coat of black will gradually wear off to reveal the rich brown beneath. Moving along, lineman is a term used to describe the electricians who would precariously dangle themselves from the electrical poles. The new Lineman boots in 2995 and 2996 still adopt the “lace to toe” characteristic — shoe laces that go all the way to the toe part for more stable footing — and are available in both black and cigar-hued Retan leather. Lastly, the Girard Boots are, in our opinion, the most formal yet stylish boots they have in the collection. The dressy silhouette has a Moc-toe design and is made with a fine-coloured Featherstone leather that adds to the sophistication of the boots.

Take a look at the collection here, starting with the New Lineman #2995 & #2996 Boots:

… and the Girard Boots here:

Finally, the Huntsman 2015 Boots here:

Red Wing Heritage FW15 collection is already available at Red Wing’s shop-in-shop located within Crossover Flagship Store in JB. The collection will then be available at Cover by Crossover, Sunway Pyramid around mid November.

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