Red Wing Beckman Collection @ Sole What: Sturdy Street(foot)wear

source: Sole What

You’d think boots – a product of the working class – would remain practical footwear to this day, but streetwear has risen to a point of haute couture nonsensicality. We’re sure you’ve seen 5’4” Asian men and women wearing 5” thick platform boots at fashion events before – might as well wear stilts. But we digress, with Red Wing’s availability at Sole What, JUICE is sure we’ll dudes and dudettes wearing boots in line with actual street culture; the punk rockers, mods, and skins.

The Beckman Collection – the 9011, 9013, 9014, and 9016 – was conceived by Red Wing’s founder, Charles Beckman (thus the eponymous brand collection name), as a reaction to a lack good, sturdy boots in 1905. It didn’t help that the streets of Red Wing, Minnesota were frequently muddy at the time. Beckman, already a successful merchant and shoe company owner, needed a pair of boots that was practical enough yet still a status symbol. And thus was born the working man’s boots that retained its dress status without sacrificing any of the workability.

All four pairs owe their stylistic genome to the original Red Wing styling and tanned at their S.B Foot Tannery in Minnesota as tradition dictates. Lightweight and durable, these 6” leather boots are round toe and polishable. Comes in 4 different kinds of leather; Black Cherry ‘Featherstone’ (9011), Chestnut ‘Featherstone’ (9013), Black ‘Featherstone’ (9014), and Cigar ‘Featherstone’ (9016).

Selling at RM1095 a pair, Red Wing’s Beckman collection is available at Sole What stores in The Gardens and 1 Utama Shopping Centre.