Red Square – CLOSED

Red Square is located at GE 13-15, Ground Floor, CapSquare E-Center, No. 8 Persiaran CapSquare, Capital Square, KL. T: 26922 310. Opens from 5pm-1am on weekdays and 5pm- 3am on weekend. Log on to if you are internet savvy.

Red Square started as Jakarta’s award winning vodka bar and now it has reached the shores of Kuala Lumpur. It has been doing very well over at Jakarta for over 3 years now and this is just the beginning of it all. Located at the still-very-fresh Capsquare, so everything just seems oh so new and sharp.

This will be our first Russian-themed vodka bar to be available in KL featuring imported vodkas, flavoured vodkas, infused vodkas, vodka martinis and vodka stick “Roska” cocktails. They serve a generous 40ml shots in their cocktail creations. Red Square mostly caters to the cosmopolitans of KL City which means they are the real drinking crowd. Speaking of drinking, this bar serves up original cocktails creatively named Vodka Tonic Fruit Splashes, Suck & Bite Shots, the Hypnotic Illusion, White Chocolate Martini, and others. Kitchen will be operating in October for some Russian goodies, but dip in some snacks at the meantime.

You can find colour-changing “show” tops that runs across in front of the DJ console and at the 10-metre bar, for the brave and sexy to get on top and shake their bon bons. It’s hardly a bore in Red Square when you get bartenders juggling with bottles, bar flair, fire show at the bar and friendly and good-looking services by the waiters and waitresses. Sexy interiors with comfortable sofas makes it all intimate and cozy for everyone to just sit back and have a good time.

Red Square Bali was opened in August and they are looking into taking over the world at Singapore, Manila, Shanghai, Bangkok and Medan. In the meantime, get all flossed up for Red Square and the sexy uplifting music for your feet. Sexy is back.