Red Sessions pres. Infinity + 1 Tour ft. A-Trak @ Zouk

If you’re a DJ fan, you’d know the name A-Trak. He is Kanye West’s DJ or more notably, became a World DMC Champ at the age of 15 in 1997. A-Trak referred to Malaysia as one of the countries with the most Twitters on the day his was appearing in Zouk. I guess everyone was paging him on Twit, JUICE got a reply from him confirming this with a simple, “Yuppers.” Good enough for us.

The 27-year-old Canadian came on at 1am. He got serious on the decks and when we mean serious, he was really serious. The World DMC champ didn’t looked out to the crowd as much, but concentrated on the things he had to do. There was the occasional throwing of hands up in the air from the beatmeister, but it did not last.

That night, A-Trak was bangin’ his tracks like there’s no tomorrow. Hardcore fun for JUICE, but we noticed a big question mark on the faces of many clubbers. Knowing our knowledge of music is always a few years behind, only some people understood the genius’ techniques on the decks. JUICE was right in front jumping and throwing our hands up for the man himself. The crowd soon warmed up and joined in. Of course this means everyone was stepping on my Nike Aqua Slip shoes. (Thank god they cleaned off easily the next day!) We spotted behind the console, models-galore. We weren’t sure if these ugly-challenged peeps were hanging there to steal the limelight or to get close to the supasta DJ, as if A-Trak cared. Ahem.

The club was mad packed with too many people walking around and passing through, which was really annoying. Just stay and dance already! Really uncool was the fight that took place and got pulled to the dancefloor. It lasted a good 10 minutes or so in the VIP section, and a lot of people backed off the main floor. A friend wondered if someone spilled water on the other person’s shoes. We bet Kid Sister’s boyfriend had no idea, as he continued to pump things up and ended his set with a dope set of turntablism, which had  everyone applauding him.

When his set finished and JUICE did our photo opp with the man himself, we blurted out, “See you on Twitter!” Stupid fanboi move, we know. He returned with a sigh on his face and nodded back. We moved on.

After the event, he said how he enjoyed playing weird stuff in big clubs on Twitter. Awww. Not sure if the rest of the crowd did, but we definitely had a blast!

Red Sessions pres. Infinity + 1 Tour ft. A-Trak went down on Friday 15 May at Zouk. Head over to to find out more about A-Trak.