Red Bull Music Academy Pres. Sushi Sequencer

sushi sequencer

Bored of looking at all your digital audio workstations? Red Bull Music Academy devised this nifty contraption that turns a sushi conveyor belt into a sequencer for Just Blaze and TOKIMONSTA to play around with. Suffice to say, they’ve got us hankering for Japanese food and good beats. Watch ’em below:

Just Blaze, the hip hop producer responsible for an immense amount of chart toppers and also for Jay Z’s Blueprint albums, was supposed to have a chill day eating authentic sushi prepared by a master until he notices something: When a sushi order goes around the conveyor belt, it emits a beat. Just Blaze’s furrowed brows are enough to depict his befuddlement. He challenges the master with an extensive list of sushi orders and the master unflinchingly repeats the order, word for word. The master then begins churning out the dishes and the sound loop follows suit. Just Blaze treats the plates of raw fish like the controls of the recording room, expertly taking away and putting back the sushi, and consequently producing a beat like it were a regular studio sequencer.

TOKIMONSTA‘s rendition of the Sushi Sequencer has much less tongue-in-cheek humor (“No need for the EEL beat right now”) in comparison with Just Blaze’s version. Right off the bat, she compliments the chef for a plate of tuna sushi with “this sounds good” as opposed to much conventional phrases. It shows off her abilities as a beat maker as her video provides more of a moodier track with a variety of percussions and a tone that sounds like it is ready to charge. But for now, she’s serving up sushi to customers (Japanese salary men to boot) who bop their heads in unison with the beat.

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