Red Bull Air Race Flight Night Genting

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Source: Swanky Tunes
In conjunction with the prestigious Red Bull Air Race World Series that will be held in the beautiful city of Putrajaya this May, Red Bull is proud to present Flight Night.Think boarding passes and passports as party invites, VIP terminal lounges, gorgeous flight attendants, and perhaps even a whole plane pulled in as a prop! Combining the forces of top notch artists with the likes of Red Bull Thre3style Malaysia 2013 Winner DJ Reeve, local scene-smashing DJ duo B.A.T.E., and Russian deck-wrecking headliner trio, Swanky Tunes!, Red Bull Flight Night is set to instantly teleport you to the world’s most exotic party spots.

Date Saturday 10 May 2014
Time 9pm
Venue Genting Club

Your flight details are available here.