Recycling 101

No city is going to be perfect. We know Malaysia isn’t! But just as we embrace our city’s flaws, we should also strive for change. There are a whole lot of things you can do, like a simple recycling program. No, recycling is not as big a hassle as you think.

Let JUICE break it down for you - to make it easy, we tell you what can be placed into your recycling container, whether you’r out on the town or in your home. It’s a good practice. Here’s paper, metal, glass and plastic.

Make sure it is clean and dry for the city to take it in. From large phone books to small Post-it notes, recycling centres can take just about any paper. This includes unwanted mail, newspaper, flattened cardboard boxes, magazines, wrapping paper, toilet paper rolls and envelopes. Yes, even those envelopes with clear plastic windows. Avoid contaminated or soiled paper products, especially those covered in oil or food waste. That’s just disgusting.

‘Metal’ includes aluminum, tin and bi-metals, as long as you rinse them out. Examples of items are like empty soda cans, pet food cans, pie tins, aluminum foil, wire hangers and empty paint and aerosol cans, but make sure you remove the plastic caps first.

This is pretty easy and self-explanatory. Just like the metal items, please rinse your wine, beer and soda bottles, pickle jars and spaghetti sauce jars before binning them.

Do you know there are 7 numbered categories to plastics? Log on here to find out more about each of them. This category runs the gamut from empty bleach containers to shampoo and lotion bottles to margarine tubs, plastic planters, styrofoam and plastic swimming pools.

Now, let us tell you what you cannot recycle into the bin according to the Bureau of Sanitation. They include contaminated paper, broken mirrors, light bulbs, ceramics and other tiny shards; batteries, coated milk cartons, any cloth or fabric, lawn furniture, rubber hoses and tires, construction materials, electrical cords, concrete or otherwise recyclable items that contain hazardous chemicals like oil based paints, pool cleaners, pesticides, etc. Some of these items are, in fact, recyclable – just not curbside. Unwanted cell phones, for example, are begging to be turned back into your wireless provider or phone manufacturer for recycling.

Of course, JUICE encourages you to live as green as possible, but if your main contribution to the planet is recycling (and it’s a good contribution), please do it wisely!