Recharge Revelation5: Global Gathering – you’re such a tease, mate


The only way we could up your anticipation for this one even more than a video of what will inevitably come and shake your eardrums and squeeze out your sweat glands this October would be to chuck you into a room full of Bose speakers screaming “Wet your knickers, Global Gathering’s going to be in Melaka this year!” on repeat for about three days. Recharge Revelation5 Global Gathering brings you Europe’s biggest dance music festival to our shores on Saturday 27 October at A’ Famosa Resort, Melaka. 40 globetrotting acts spread out over 6 arenas. Brought to you by the most righteous people at Pervert Designs.

Are your knickers wet yet?

ps.: I committed a major booboo in this month’s issue of JUICE when I attributed Recharge Revelation5 Global Gathering as being organised by Zouk, whereas in fact the event is solely being put together by Pervert Designs. The error is deeply regretted, and I vow to shoot myself in the foot right after I get it into my mouth. Sorry, guys!