Real Men Drink Bubbly

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Think James Bond and the following come to mind: the number 7, the legion of scantily-clad hot Bond girls, black suits and corny maniacal villain laughter. Oh and champagne, of course. The good people of Champagne Bollinger obviously share our sentiments. In time for the 31st October world premier of James Bond 007 – Quantum of Solace, the follow up to 2006’s Casino Royale, the House has commissioned renowned French designer Eric Berthès to reinvent their classic champagne bottle. Breathing new life into the usual, everyday champagne bottle, Berthès unveiled his fresh take – a gun bullet lying atop a carbon-covered base. Known as the Bollinger/007 Bullet, it measures an impressive 65cm and contains a magnum of Bollinger 1999 dressed in sleek black and silver. When released from its cradle, the bullet’s interior converts into a stylish set of secret compartments in which personal accessories (or gadgets, in Bond’s and everyone who aspires to be Bond’s case). The bullet is locked with a leather-clad key. Nifty. 

To date, only 207 (200+007, see?) of such bottles have been released. They are available worldwide – each individually numbered – with only one available in Malaysia. Such exclusivity comes with a hefty retail price. Anyone with RM25,000 to drop? Go for it.



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