Ray-Ban’s Never Hide New Campaign

It’s hot out there. Time to put on your wayfarer or aviator sunnies and strike a pose! The world’s eyewear industry leader, Ray-Ban is out with their brand new Never Hide campaign for spring/summer 2011 called Frame.

The campaign was launched and staged in March 2011 at 12 major cities including Shanghai, Delhi, Paris, London, New York, Austin, Cancun, Istanbul, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona and Rio De Janerio. With a setting of impressive dimensions, the protagonist (the big ass photo frame) of the 7 shots of its advertising campaign was installed in each of the cities for the purpose to enable all the participants to interact with the Never Hide world. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have it in our town? We can just imagine ourselves cam-whoring with it…

Watch the video and the photo gallery of the campaign at www.ray-ban.com.