Rapper Princess Nokia kicked out racist in subway

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A video surfaced on the internet of a racist wypipo throwing and screaming the N-word around in a New York subway. It shows how a group of New Yorkers confronted the man, and kicked him out. There was even a lady who threw soup at the racist scumbag. But who’d knew it was actually Princess Nokia.

The video showed only half the story. According to the feminist rapper, everyone heard the drunk man calling out a group of teenagers the N-word. As a brave woman of colour, she did what she had to do – she slapped him. Soon after, the man started to call Nokia the N-word, in fact, he was screaming it. The disrespect! Her ‘brothers’ came in the picture and help her throw the man out of the subway, then the infamous soup throwing happened. She confirmed all of this on her Twitter:

She also shared a thing of two about this situation:

Some applaud Princess Nokia for having the courage to stand up for what’s right:

A bunch might say she was a bit aggressive, but let’s keep it real, you guys. Racists should be called out for their actions and we shouldn’t let them run their mouth like that. There are consequences to their actions – like leaving the subway drenched in soup.

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