Randomer: Drum And Bass Sacrifice

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Randomer (aka Rohan) is 23 years old and makes electronic music; so says his humble Myspace page. It’s in stark contrast to the pictures of him and Jay-Z circulating around dnb forums. But Randomer’s talents go beyond mere celebrity cam-whoring.

Pete Tong has said this of single ‘Scapegoat’ when he played it on his BBC Radio 1 show: “I’d advise you to turn it up… Pure brutality, amazing!” It’s the kind of jungle heat you wanna burn yourself on at a club.

Part of an elite squad of electronic beat droppers known as Med School on Hospital Records, Randomer’s temperature looks set to rise beyond the standard club boiling point.

Fire up the altar and prepare the ‘Scapegoat’ (Hospital Records) at www.myspace.com/randomerdnb.