Rammstein’s Album Banned

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Metal’s Rammstein new LP Liebe ist für alle da, which translates Love Is There For All, is the number 2 album in Europe, but has been banned from display because it is said to be unsuitable for children. German ministry said that they are protecting children from provocative art, lyrics and song titles. Pffbt.

Without much changes to their music, the album’s cover which is a painting of the band eating the flesh of a naked woman is really no surprise to any heavy-metal albums out there anyways. Hard-rock horror is nothing new to the music scene and Rammstein aren’t strangers to the controversy anyway.

According to the ruling by Office for the Examination of Media Harmful to Young People may only let Liebe ist für alle da be sold under the counter, like some sort of drugs or porno. Rammstein are banned from performing ‘Ich tu dir weh’ (‘I Want to Hurt You’), can no longer be advertised and definitely not sold to those under 18.

On Rammstein Facebook page, they reminded the fans to “take proof of your age with you when you go to [buy the album]”. They take it with respect and should be taken consideration especially with the album’s ‘special edition’ box set which features six pink latex replicas of the band members’ penises. Ahaks.

For us, this just creates even more publicity for Rammstein and even more curiousity towards Liebe ist für alle da! There’s always a way to get hold of this on this endless possibilities of the internet. WTF, right?

So how many millions of albums has the band before the ban?

Source Guardian

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