VIDEO: With ‘I’m Da Man’, Ramengvrl is Your New Favourite Indonesian Rapper

The first time JUICE had heard of Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl was through KL-based Indo-beatsmith Emir Hermono; he had been listening to her demos on SoundCloud and she was enough of a fan of his to have rapped on an edit of ‘Fake Friends’ by NAJ (which eventually became an official edit on Emir’s album 3am in Jakarta). Garnering considerable buzz among Jakarta’s hip hop insiders and fans alike, she then released her official debut single ‘I’m Da Man’ (via Underground Bizniz Club) and had since performed in the gigging circuit frequently, with a We the Fest 2017 show coming up next month.

While ‘I’m Da Man’ is undoubtedly to be credited for her blowing up within the Jakartan scene, the song is still criminally underheard outside of it. Well, now with a music video to back it up, that is sure to change à la Rich Chigga’s ‘Dat Stick’. Aptly shot in a ramen bar, featuring a posse in raincoats and kasas (Japanese straw hat), and having the same country-accent dissonance as Chigga are all ace points for the MV to go viral. Here’s hoping 88rising would notice, as Ramengvrl herself put it on the song: “Back when we started I’m not really in it but now I’m too deep and I’m in it to win it.”

P.S. We need that GO-JEK song in full soon, please.

Watch the music video below:

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