Radiohead Hits the Studio to Record New Album

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Who thought In Rainbows was one of the best albums in 2007, please raise your hands up? Yes JUICE is baring our pits for all to see right now as we confirm our allegiance to one of the greatest indie bands to date. For those of you who are with us on this, great news! Radiohead has recently announced that they are currently recording their 8th album as we speak.

According to who spoke to Radiohead’s bassist Colin Greenwood, the band has signed on Nigel Godrich who has worked with them since their 1997 masterpiece Ok Computer. The current album is a follow up to 2007’s In Rainbows – which was practically “free” for download (fans could pay any amount of money for the album). It may still be in its early stages but Greenwood revealed “it’s really cool and everything is sounding great”. Sigh we know it will…