R3hab: Dutch House Relapse

source: R3hab

With the thousands of EDM acts growing like weeds in your garden, it’s easy to almost confuse one with the other, but that’s not the case for this rising DJ. Hailing all the way from Dutchland, R3hab, alongside Afrojack and Chuckie, is one of the proponents for the modern Dutch house subgenre. While still considered a toddler in the DJing industry, R3hab has no qualms about imprinting his mark right smack in the middle of the electro horde. With impressive accomplishments under his belt such as winning IDMA’s Best Breakthrough Artist, releasing a single with House Masta Hardwell, and now one of the headlining acts for Heineken Thirst 2013, this guy right here is going places. JUICE caught up with him just in time before the show tomorrow night.

Why the name R3hab?
I really loved the ring the name had from the start and music is addictive.

For years you have been remixing countless tracks from various artistes, when and what was the turning point for you to say “Ok, it’s time for me to do my own thing now.”?
I love focusing this year more on originals and the same for 2014. I think you grow as an artiste and want to express yourself via originals.

What is the latest for R3hab?
Just shot a video for a track I did together with NERVO & Ummet Ozcan called ‘Revolution’.

You studied commercial economics a.k.a marketing in college, how has that been working for you in your music career or do you have any plans to make use of it in the future?
I make use of it every day. Marketing is an important aspect of music!

You’re extremely active on Twitter and Facebook to connect with your fans, wind the clock back to ten years ago where the internet wasn’t what it is today, how would you have approached your fans?
I have no idea. I think I am a real kid from the internet generation and would not be able to live without the internet (laughs).

Having a love for music at a young age, did you ever pick up an instrument?
I tried several, but making music on the computer is the most fun for me.

Aside from the electronic music scene, what other musical styles can you see yourself or that you would like to venture into?
I would love to do some more indie stuff.

Once you get the time off from gigs, what is the best way for you to unwind?
Relax, watch a movie, have some fun with friends, play video games etc.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
Making a living out of my hobby!

What can we expect at Thirst?
A high energy set full of interaction and a lot of new music.

R3hab is set to play at Heineken Thirst 2013 tomorrow night.