Queen of Hearts @ Zouk

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Grrr for girl power as women leave their bras, boyfriends and bashfulness behind to hit it up with their fellow sistas at the Queen of Hearts party held on March 13. Amongst the feminists, equal rights activists, sisters, mothers and the Women’s Aid Organisation’s crew were those who were there to lend their support to the cause and to the stance put up by the fairer sex.

The party kicked off at 10.30pm in Zouk Mainroom, but by 8pm, there was already a large crowd waiting patiently outside. Early birds got to chill out with DJ Chelsea and Stella Nutella at the Terrace Bar. What a treat! Introducing an all female DJ lineup, the bash was a shoo-in with both guys and girls – where there is lure, there are going to be biters….

Although being JUICE we feel great partying no matter what the occasion, but since this was for a good cause we felt even better. The Queen of Hearts banner was rolled out to commemorate International Women’s Day. As part of the programme, RM10 of the door fee was donated to the Women’s Aid Organisation. A booth was set up near the entrance with flyers and pamphlets to educate people about the plight of abused women, and a collection box for donations to be distributed amongst selected homes.

Consisting of spinners from all over the world, DJ Stella Nutella from Sweden, DJ LouLou from Australia and DJ Chelsea from Canada – Queen of Hearts was one party with a delicious variety of sounds, mixes and beats. Even the people who came for the shindig was an international group of movers and shakers! DJ Chelsea introduced the lineup at a podium and thanked JUICE for our support – anytime baby! And then went on to give us some splendid house numbers. DJ Stella Nutella grooves were superbly done and being pregnant she also proved to be a real trooper. DJ LouLou worked the place with progressive, house and electro beats. Oh what a night!

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