Quattro’s 1st Anniversary @ Quattro

No matter how many rooms there are or how spacious a club is, when you say the words “free flow” you know you are going to rubbing bodies and eating elbows like a salaryman on a Japanese subway at rush hour. At 7.30pm revelers were already queuing up for Quattro’s 1st Anniversary celebrations. If there was a theme it had to be ‘A Night In Hong Kong’ as the club had lined up entertainment straight from the city of nights.

The party started on the Autumn side of Quattro with a bang and heaps of expletives as MC Yan, formerly of LMF, took to the stage to throw down some Cantonese rhymes and cuss words. We knew something was up as soon we started spotting guys across the venue getting all hot under the collar and excitedly pushing their way to get a better vie w of the next act; HK’s dancing group Katsuyaka Girls were working the pole and crunking in barely-there clothing. Awwooo! As the girls lubricated proceedings by pouring alcohol into the mouths of those closest to the stage, the crowd went mental!

By now it was really way too full for our fancy and we fled to the cooler and quiter Winter where the free flow (now ended in Autumn) continued. It was still a mad house downstairs as people jostled to catch sight of DJ Prepare, DJ Seraphim Yami and DJ Qko, all of whom were flown in from Hong Kong to entertain loyal Quattro patrons. And if there’s one thing we can conclude about Quattro it’s that it has lots and lots of loyal patrons! Happy birthday Quattro!

Quattro’s 1st Anniversary was held on 25 November 2009. Check out more pix in the gallery!

Images Quattro + Fotoworx