Quack! Quack! Foam Party @ Marketplace

It has been a while since our last foam party and with Monday 9 March being a public holiday, JUICE wobbled over in our flip flops and bermudas to Marketplace for some wet fun. Although the party officially started at 3 in the afternoon, the scorching sun kept most pigment-sensitive clubbers away until night time.Marketplace was pumping with house music when we got there. And with 7 DJs spinning throughout the day and night, Quack! Quack! turned out to be more than just a foam party. DJs Romel, K, Hafidz, Raysoo, Flik, Afen and Shazan Z provided the beats indoors and out like a liquid house music festival.

After wetting our throats we decided to plunge into the bubbly chaos outside. And it’s a good thing that we did, ’cause it was fun, fun, fun! Nevermind that our clothes got wet (note to ourselves, remember to bring a spare set next time), it was a liberating experience that left us smelling nice and clean.

One thing we noticed was that everyone in the foam area, or everyone else that was there in fact, were wearing smiles on their faces. Halfway through playing beach ball in the foam, we met up with Tai Yong who’s one half of Paragon Events (the other half Afen was busy DJing that night).

Tai Yong filled us in on his concept. “Music these days isn’t enough to attract a crowd… so we came up with quirky concepts to make our parties more fun,” said Tai Yong who originally expanded the wet and wild concept from pool parties. Following the success of the sexy Lush series, Quack! Quack! has been running since August 2008 to the delight of clubbers looking for a break from indoor events.  At the last hour of every Quack! Quack! party, the organisers will usually nudge everyone outside, DJs and clubbers alike, so they can get the foam experience. Apart from the awesome house music, party goers get a fun pack at the door with all the necessities for a good time including shower caps, towels, zip-block bags, glowsticks and bubble-blowers.

As the night ended, we walked back to our cars accompanied by the squishing sound of our flip flops and a little foam stuck behind our ears. A quacking good time it was! J

Quack! Quack! runs every first Sunday of the month at Marketplace from 3pm – 3am. To get a picture of the action without wetting yourself, check out our gallery. For more info, email [email protected]. Be friends with Paragon Events at

Image FotoworX