Rolling with the big boys and want to live large ala bad boy P Diddy? Well, if you’re heading up north towards Penang, then QE II might just tickle your sophisticated fancy.

Located on the newly revamped Tanjung City Marina (the first inner marina on our shores) on the historical island of Penang, this hip and stylish nightspot will knock your socks off.

Occupying 2 floors on the waterfront pier at the Church Street Pier, QE II offers a spectacular, breathtaking 360Ëš view of the marina and the ocean front. A sure favourite amongst both international and local tourists, this fancy spot won’t just clear your lungs with the fresh sea breeze, but will also tantalise your taste buds with it’s combination of Italian, Asian and French cuisine, which you can drink down with its sexy selection of wines.

So, set the mood for a sexy night and dine in at QE II’s plush and romantically set-up air-conditioned dining area or stay casual alfresco style at the grill and the bar – you pick.

For more details, check out www.tanjungcitymarina.com