Pyyramids: ‘Don’t Go’

Last year, Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith teamed up to form electro-pop project Pyyramids. The unlikely duo came out with a six-song EP, Human Beings, that was dark, hooky, mysterious and wonderful. The project was a breakaway from the comfort zones of both parties. For the bass-playing, bespectacled, bearded Tim Nordwind, the expansive textures of Pyyramids’ sound found him far from the bright indie-pop and over-the-top creative videos that made OK Go one of the most recognizable bands of the digital age.

Drea Smith, on the other hand, was formerly one half of electro-pop duo He Say She Say, and had a stint with Lupe Fiasco. Pyyramids may not be that far out of her comfort zone, but it’s definitely a change of pace for the singer.

‘Don’t Go’ is a quirky, surprising song, paired with melancholy lyrics, “Don’t go, it can’t be over/My heart says no”. It’s quite addictive, and you’ll probably find yourself playing it on repeat. The video is really adorable though, and is a nice surprise when you think about how sad the lyrics are. The little girl lip-syncing the song adds her own pizzazz and sassiness to the video. Turn up the volume, and surrender to the music!

‘Don’t Go’ is the second single from Pyyramids’ six-song EP, Human Beings. Check out the video below, and click here to visit the Pyyramids.