Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

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Darth Vader was looming amongst the clouds, staring down at us beneath its mask. For a moment we thought we could hear his heavy breathing but the wind just carried it through to remind us that it is actually a balloon! Gliding swiftly in the sky, the Darth Vader was one of the many fascinating hot air balloons that filled our skies last week at the Putraya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011 held at Monumen Alaf Baru, Precint 2 Putrajaya.

This year marks the third year Putrajaya is hosting such an event. More than 20 balloonist from 14 countries including France, Japan and Vietnam participated in the event. Other than the Darth Vader, stand out balloons include Doraemon from Japan, a tree trunk with birds perched on it from USA, a clown hot air balloon and an upside down hot air balloon from Netherlands.

Besides the main event, other side activities were also available and running concurrently for the entertainment of its guests. For just RM10, you can ride up the tethered hot air balloon. There were also para-motors shows, helicopter rides, extreme games and funfair booths to keep the crowds occupied. Guests also stood a chance to fly in a hot air balloon by participating in various competitions like the snap and fly, colouring, block building and paper aeroplane competition.

From the pictures themselves, you can tell the event was a success. If you missed it this year, keep your eyes peeled for next years! For more info, log on to www.myballoonfiesta.com.

Images: Azwan Mahzan + myballoonfiesta.com