Pure Bar

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Pure Bar
Lot 591, 592 & 593
Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka
T: 06 281 4309
Open: Wed-Sat, 8pm-late

Text Kevin Yeoh

For the size of Melaka and its laid back relaxed atmosphere, it’s no shock that they are bigger on bars, rather than clubs. Looking for sign to point you in the direction of Pure Bar logo may be tricky as it faces a parking lot, but there is a reward for persistence. A small but lush garden cocoons the entrance and provides an alfresco area for those who prefer to chill out and take in the fresh air and night sky. The music policy on the ground floor level is harder edged and attracts the occasional shuffler. Jump up to the second floor and it’s less egalitarian with a lot more luxury for the sort that want to kick their feet up and have a little privacy. Pure Bar has seen guest DJs such as Goldfish, Lapsap, Joey G, DJ Fuzz and Leonard T.

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