Puma Social Club Tour Finale Party @ Black Box

After touring the nation to champion the after hours athlete (no, that isn’t Charlie Sheen), the Puma Social Club Tour made its final pit stop back in KL to end things on a bigger scale! Black Box at Map KL was filled with DJs, music and social games like ping pong and foosball tables at every corner.

Image Puma

You know the night is gonna be good when the party begins with dubstep! Puma ambassador and JUICE DJ Quest 2008 winner DJ Anowl was on the decks (weee!) when guests started pouring in with Social Cards given to them at the door. I knew I should’ve saved mine at the kick off party a month ago. I had quite an amount of stamps on it. After a bottle or two of Heineken fun juice, it was time to hit those tables where I… lost to Ben Liew.

Sometimes it is a good thing to have a host at a party, but when you have guests with their hands full playing competitive sports at a party, you will need 3. Phat Fabes, Ben and Jay Menon distracted us all with their wit and humourous banter. Other Puma ambassadors like James Baum and Nadhira performed while the Puma Social Stars had their own fossball and ping pong challenge amongst themselves. Just like the Puma Social kick off party, the 6 people with the most stamps collected got their chance to do the one minute “all you can grab” shopping spree at the end of the party. It has been a fun tour and a doubly fun campaign. We sure hope the Puma Social Tour will come round our city again.

The Puma Social Club Tour finale party was held @ Black Box, MAP KL on 15 April 2011. Click here to check out what happened at the Kick Off Party. For more pictures go to gallery.