Puma Becker Leather Black

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Puma Becker Leather Black Named after tennis legend Boris Becker who was the number one player during his six-time winning Grand Slam prime and currently a coach to the world’s number one tennis star Novak Djokovic, this man is the perfect candidate to be the ambassador of this equally iconic tennis trainer. Looking at the pristine, buttery soft leather, it’s difficult to imagine donning these luxury items to play vigorous sports but hey, we can’t forget their origins. Leather bound as it may be, this edition of Puma Becker has a white perforated lining that will provide the necessary ventilation for your feet. The white also continues at the sole in a thick rubberised strip. This limited edition leather clad Puma Becker will serve as the finishing touch to your outfit, be it all black or just plain ol’ t-shirt and jeans.

The Puma Becker Leather Black is now available for €129.90 at Allike Store.

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