Puke Fire Dance Song

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Introducing the latest music trend: minimal co-ed nu noise dance pop. Just think of the Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells, to some extent The White Stripes and now, The Hundred In The Hands. Now you might think that Jason Friedman and Eleanore Everdell are just another tag team of incestuous hype, but after watching the video above for their single ‘Pigeons’, you’ll be spitting sparkles of praises too.

Despite being signed to electronic label Warp, the duo is more ambient dance pop than bangin’ electro glitch. With a snappy chorus that could’ve been written for Karen O by Ladyhawke, the track is catching on over the blogosphere and is produced by Richard X who gave us such classics as Sugababes’ ‘Freak Like Me’ and Rachel Stevens’ ‘Some Girls’.

Listen to more of The Hundred In The Hands at www.myspace.com/thehundredinthehands.

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