Puff Crust

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Warning: We will not be responsible for any drooling.

Imagine the light tasty crunch of your favourite puff pastry. So light that it melts in your mouth. Combine that with any scrumptious topping of your favourite pizza and voila! You get Domino’s Pizza coming up with the country’s first puff pastry pizza with more than 30 layers of buttery goodness. Are you hungry yet?

Touted to be the boldest creation to date, Domino’s Puff Crust promises to be crispier and lighter, making it a perfect match for your favourite toppings and flavours. The Puff Crust was introduced alongside three new flavours, namely Puffect Chili Chicken, Puffect Catch and Puffect Big Meat.

The Puffect Chilli Chicken comes with onions, pickled chillis, chilli flakes, oregano and is topped with shredded chicken on a tangy tomato salsa sauce. It is tangy with a little bit of spicy heat that promises to be a hit amongst Malaysians.

Puffect Catch offers onions, green peppers and is completed with salmon sausage and tuna that combines with Domino’s Top secret sauce for an ideal blend for seafood lovers. As for meat lovers, the Puffect Big Meat will feature mouth-watering toppings of beef pepperoni, cabanossi, ground beef, chicken potpourri sausages and oregano on a tangy tomato salsa sauce.

Puff Crust pizza is prized at RM26.30 for ala- carte and is only available in Regular (9″ size). In conjunction with the introduction of this new crust, Domino’s has also introduced the Incredible Puffect Meal. For only RM50, customers are able to get a set of two regular Puff Crust pizzas, a set of Chickstix and garlic cheese onion rings for a total savings of RM21.20.

Domino’s Puff Crust is available at all Domino’s 42 outlets from November 19 onwards. Call Domino’s at 1-300-888-333 or log on to its website at www.dominos.com.my to place their orders.