Providence 2nd Anniversary Pres. Prochella


Providence is turning two years old next month and instead of doing the usual club-blow-out celebration, it decided to to make it similar to a festival — Coachella to be specific — hence the hilariously bad portmanteau. The club will be transforming its interior to a mini-fesstival ground, even its dress code follows the theme! So do replace that tight body con dress and high heels that you can’t walk in with flower crowns and flats. Performers include the club’s in-house DJs — Eva T, LFS, Ken F, and D.A — and a special guest whose profile looks suspiciously similar to Drake’s (it’s not him, don’t get your hopes up), with more to be announced. If Providence is following everything Coachella, we’re hoping the rest of its lineup for the night follows suit too.

Date Friday 28 August ’15
Time 10pm
Venue Providence
Cover Ticketed Entry (price TBA) *However, throughout August before the anniversary, purchasing one bottle is equivalent to one pass, and two bottles are equivalent to three passes

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