Project Raksasa Doodles collaborates with Artmakr

Project Raksasa Doodles is Squeak Art Asia’s first social art initiative, and their aim is to increase public participation in art and heighten art appreciation in our daily lives. The project started last August and is ongoing until the 5th December 2010. They’ve now collaborated with Artmakr, a collective who provide learning and creation resources through their art products and classes. Together, they are looking for the public’s submission of doodles and will choose doodles to feature on the cover of an Artmakr Doodle Notebook!

Why doodling? (It’s such a fun word to say). Well, everyone doodles! It’s a great medium that’s accessible and relative for everyone. Doodling may also have a deeper connection that we all realise to what we really feel and think, because most of the time, they’ve drawn, literally, from our subconscious. ‘We want people to see that art appears everywhere around us, that any regular person is artistic in his or her own way without being an artist,’ quipped Amy Leong, one of the founders of Squeak Art Asia. Through this collaboration, Squeak Art Asia and Artmake are hoping to encourage public participation from all over and hopefully in time, hold an exhibition of doodles! So sharpen your pencils, and start doodling!

Submit your doodles here for a chance to get it on the cover of an Artmakr Doodle Notebook at Artmakr’s range of art products is available on as well as Czip Lee in Bangsar Baru.