Project Aloft Star, Amplified by MTV is Looking for Submissions!

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There are a lot of music talents here in the country, but if you want to rise above your loyal but small YouTube or SoundCloud audience, why not submit your songs to Project Aloft Star, Amplified by MTV? The competition is coming back for its third edition and it has expanded its coverage to include Taiwan and South Korea, so currently, Project Aloft Star now covers major markets throughout Asia Pacific, as the four contest clusters will now comprise Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand), India, and South Korea. If you want an example with a close proximity to make you feel like you may have a chance of winning, in 2014, Malaysian band GTXperiment won the Southeast Asian cluster and went on to release a debut album and had their singles making the rounds on mainstream radio.

From now till Monday 25 July ’16, aspiring talents are welcomed to submit recordings of their original songs to by entering YouTube video links or SoundCloud audio links for an opportunity to win a staggering cash prize of USD10,000. Between September to October, shortlisted finalists will perform at the finals in front of a live audience and a panel of judges from MTV, Aloft, and the music entertainment industry. One winner from each contest cluster will walk away with USD10,000, as well as the chance to be featured on MTV platforms in Asia.

Here is a video containing tips on what not to do for your submission. For more information on the Project Aloft Star, Amplified by MTV, click here