Privi x Detour Asia Pres. SoundLab Malam Merdeka

The first big night at Privi – whose location probably wouldn’t be so privy to a select few after this – SoundLab Malam Merdeka sees two parts; first, a live showcase featuring SoundLab participants Najwa Mahiaddin, CEE, Reesh9000, and Fook (Bassment Syndicate) along with up-and-coming beatsmith Santaroena, then the later half of the night features DJ sets by JonnyVicious, Obadius, RIMKA, LZZY, Niall F, and Hijack. Being a venue with limited space, the event is purely by invite – you can RSVP via email at this address, or alternatively, simply leave a comment on the event page.

Get privy with Privi here.