Remember Prince Harry’s Wild Las Vegas Party? His Undies From That Night is Auctioning For RM1.1mil

(source: Pink News / @hustlervegas)

Nearly ten years have passed since Prince Harry’s infamous and wild party in Las Vegas, and Carrie Reichert, an ex-stripper, who was there witnessing it first-hand decided that this year is the ideal time to sell his underwear allegedly from the evening they had spent together.

According to Malay Mail, Carrie is behind the auction and claims that the Duke of Sussex had gifted the black undergarment to her over a decade ago. The auction for the royal memorabilia opened last Thursday (11 Aug) at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas.

For now, the current bid of US$250,000 (RM1.1mil) was made by a strip club owner named Dino, who plans to “create a shrine to Harry’s undies” if he wins the auction.

The auction will run until 30 Sept, or when the auction hits US$1mil (RM4.46mil). Talking about the underwear, she reportedly said that it “was a reminder of a time when Harry was the fun prince”.


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“Harry has become such a bore, it’s a real shame. It’s a shame he’s all po-faced and serious these days. Even as a married dad of two, he should still let his hair down now and again – what’s left of it anyway,” Carrie’s representative told The Mirror.

It is also reported that a portion of the auction’s proceeds will go towards Harry and Markle’s charity, Archewell.

In case you didn’t know, the party in question saw Prince Harry letting his hair down in Aug 2012, with pictures of a nude Harry later doing rounds in leading tabloids after they were leaked to the press by some party-goers.

In May 2021, Prince Harry addressed the naked pictures leak during an appearance on The Armchair Expert podcast. The 37-year-old royal joked that at least he “wasn’t running down the Strip, stripping or naked” during his Las Vegas trip.