Prince Charles Conserves The Rainforests

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Pele, Robin Williams, the Dalai Lama and many others have teamed up with Prince Charles on a video to promote the conservation of the world’s rainforests. This 90-second clip is a call from Prince Charles to web users to protect rainforests. The video stars Kermit the Frog too. Woot!

He said, “Our aim, with your help, is to build an online community to call, from the bottom up, for urgent action to protect the rainforests, without which we will most certainly lose the battle against catastrophic climate change.” This rainforest project was launched on MySpace too for exposure to the young. Didn’t know Prince Charles could be this dope too.

Prince Charles also features in a video saying: “One of the Internet’s strengths is that it can help diverse communities come together to insure that everybody’s views and actions can really be made to count. Your collective support is needed now in the urgent fight against climate change and in saving the Earth’s most precious and valuable resource: tropical rainforests.” Real talk right there!

This rainforest project urges web users to join up an online movement to convince political leaders to take meaningful actions to protect rainforests. Bless.

Here’s one from Kermit.


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