Pretty Freaky Fantasy

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One man’s trash is another man’s canvas. At least that’s the case for Idris Johor, the multi disiplinary artist that prefers to be known as PrettyFreakyFantasy (PFF). Using recycled amterials such as abandoned mannequins and candle holders, PFF has created his own form of functional art.

“It all started with a neighbour leaving half body mannequins outside my door, saying that I’m sure to put them to good uyse. Sure enough, I ended up painting on them. Friends saw my work and told me I should do more,”quotes PFF on his origins.

Although his love for painting had been with him since young, PFF only found his style about 3 years ago. if you were lucky enough to have entered into his freaky world at his exhibition recently at Cloth & Clef, you’d know that PFF lives up to moniker. “I was inspired to call myself PrettyFreakyFantasy based on the elements from my art. Pretty would be the butterflies and flowers, freaky represents the eyes with tentacles and fantasy captures the surreal feel of the whole effect,” he adds.

Born and bred in Singapore with Malaysian parents, PFF tries to emphasize the feel-good factor in all his artowrk. “I want people to smile when they see my work,” says the artist. Trained in architectural drafting and graphic design, it was long before PFF hung up his corporate suit to set up his own company with a colleague.

Currently, his company specializes in design and decor construction for events, interior decor, food and furniture styling for photo shoots, set design for TV programmesand costumes for various uses. He is recognized as the creative guru behind the remarkable set and costume designs of Singapore’s major clubs and events, such as Zouk Singapore, Zouk KL, Attica Blujaz, ZoukOut and Chingay, amongst others. In addition, PFF’s signature works has graced the cover of Singapore’s indie fashion magazine, Catalog, and has been published in well-known books sold internationally. His cluster of work produced now varies from paintings to sculptures and furniture.

Whe questioned about his mannequin curiosity, the artist answers,”Mannequins and body parts are common features simply because I’ve always been lucky in finding them. Working on them is like giving then a new life, making t hem function differently.” Jokingly, he adds,”And doing this is the closest I can get to being a tattoo artist!” As for the mannequins that started it all, some were sold while some are still with the artist as a reminder of his unorthodox beginning.

For any info on his freaky fantasies, contact him at [email protected]