PREMIERE: OJ Law’s ‘Introverts (Reddi Rocket Remix)’

source: Reddi Rocket

Yep, JUICE is not done with our series of OJ Law remixes (with one last forthcoming remix pending for release in the offing).

While Reddi Rocket is busy receiving formal education in beatmaking at Dubspot LA, that hasn’t stopped the Akhyla member from participating in local initiatives (see: the latest Midnight-Oil). This time given the opportunity to remix OJ Law’s seminal single ‘Introverts’, Reddi dials back the level of divergence taken by KAIN (listen to his dub-y remix here) and opts for an approach that’s more reminiscent of Pradana’s dancefloor-friendly version of it. The result is a future bass track that sounds like what we imagine would happen had Giraffage produced for OJ — more Jersey Club-esque than disco, but no less boogieable.

Stream the remix below:

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