PREMIERE: OJ Law’s ‘Introverts (KAIN Remix)’

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source: Kain

Image Candice Myburgh

You’d think a bass music head like Akhyla’s KAIN would be the last person to remix a nu disco-tinged indie pop choon like OJ Law’s ‘Introverts’, but here it is, the second remix after Pradana’s sexed up, bed creaky take on the track. Fittingly, KAIN’s version is antithetical to that approach — a fact that might not seem obvious at the onset as the original’s tweeness is maintained for the first minute or so of its duration (albeit stripped down and minimal). Come the 1:24 mark though, the DJ-producer’s dub influences make their appearance and from then onwards it’s all testosterone-fuelled dubstep, but with enough restraint to remind us of Magnetic Man (just imagine Katy B covering the song!), giving ‘Introverts’ a certain musculature otherwise detached from the geek love anthem.

Stream the remix below:

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