PREMIERE: Keith Ape’s ‘It G Ma (Moslem Priest Runway Refix)’

source: Moslem Priest

Has ‘It G Ma’ reached peak popularity yet? Is it a fuccboi anthem by now? Maybe, probably – well, we don’t give a crap, really. Hearing the tune in any instance would still channel our inner OG Maco and squad getting turnt up in a hotel hallway/lift, and it’s still the same riotous song that’d get hoity-toity folks uncomfortable when played anywhere. So, if you were there at KLFW15 last Wednesday, heard a permutation of ‘It G Ma’ during Justin Chew’s runway show that lasted for about five minutes, and had fun chortling at faux-celebrities and bloggers in the front row who looked confused by it, the track was actually a refix by Moslem Priest made exclusively for Justin Chew. Now, the man has given us the full-length version of it for our casual use.

Download the refix here, or stream it below:

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