PREMIERE: Juno and Hanna’s ‘AIR’


Image Rizki Maulana

Juno and Hanna are a sibling duo from Johor and if you haven’t picked a copy up yet, the pair was the subject of a Detonate piece in the December issue of JUICE. The dream pop duo will be releasing their debut EP AIR sometime this month, and in anticipation of that, here’s the first taste of their titular single from the forthcoming release. Usually, Hanna’s sweetly austere voice takes precedence without much effects, standing in the foreground while her brother Hanif commands the production aspect in the background, occasionally contributing a few vocal embellishments. However with ‘AIR’, they’ve attempted at experimenting with a vocal processor where Hanna’s voice is pitch shifted down to a sonorous, almost masculine effect — which can be slightly disconcerting at first considering how twee and precious her normal singing voice is — but the resounding vocal provides body and contrast to the GarageBand-enabled minimal composition. The heaviness of the augmented vocal also reflects the chorus where it goes, “But the air weighs me down/ Weighs me down,” echoing the suffocating realisation of a disintegrated romance.

Listen to the track below:

Keep an eye out for the single’s accompanying music video, as well as their EP. More from Juno and Hanna here