PREMIERE: Jocelyn Stemilyn’s ‘Junk Food’

jocelyn stemilyn

Jocelyn Stemilyn, who frequently performs alongside DJ-producer Dae Kim at various shows, has now released a song and an accompanying music video of her own. Titled ‘Junk Food’, it explores the idea of denial by way of craving someone or something that in actuality ruins you. Knowingly returning to something damaging yet comforting, Jocelyn coos over the electronica production, “It tastes so good,” then confesses in a hushed tone, “… but deadly.”

The music video, directed by HAVERHUCK VHS and Dae Kim, is something to behold. It employs Jocelyn’s background in theatre where the singer-songwriter plots a voodoo spell, languidly dances around in decrepit spaces, and aimlessly wanders around as she’s trapped in limbo. After you find yourself recovering from awing at her ravishing beauty, the video presents an epilogue where she fights with a foolish lover who’s more enamoured of a French fry than her. Heartbroken, she meets a tragic end.

Watch the video below:

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