PREMIERE: Home Court’s ‘Sun Flare’


Home Court, a project by producer Dae Kim and rapper Yung Ariff, presents the music video for the second single taken off forthcoming album Apoapsis. Directed by HAVERHUCK VHS and Dae Kim himself, ‘Sun Flare’ consists of plenty of thematically appropriate light flares, along with splices of retro shows and cartoons that reflect the funky soul keyboard arrangement towards the end. According to Yung Ariff, “‘Sun Flare’ is a love song about Home Court being the sun flare that causes electromagnetic fields,” just like the lyric that goes, “Home Court, authentic/ Sun flare, magnetic,” over scratches and dreamy beats. Even in their confidence to galvanise people, the violent scene where Dae and Ariff pummel a monitor with a sledgehammer is something to take notice of, and just as suspected from Dae’s depressive nature, the sledgehammer is his alter ego, serving as a metaphor for his self-destructive tendencies that often lead him to get in his own way.

Watch the video below:

Apoapsis is set to be released on Saturday 24 October. 

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